Steel City offeres three competitions, based on particular level and brand of mojo: a Newcomer M & M, an Open M & M, and a Solo Cuttin’ Contest.

Mix & Match (n) — A style of dance competition in which competitors are paired lead-follow at random, and dance to music selected by a DJ. Participants are judged as individuals during preliminaries, and as a couple during finals. Once referred to as a Jack and Jill.

MnM LineThe Newcomer M & M is open to anyone who has never competed in a blues dance J & J before. The prelims will take place as soon as the Friday bands ends the main dance and the Late Night dance starts (~12:15am). The Finals will take place after a short break from the end of the prelims. It’s completely free, and you don’t even have to sign up – just come onto the floor when we announce that the M & M is happening! This M & M will be tapout-style until we narrow it down to our finalists, who will then pair up and have a spotlight dance and at least one all-skate.

Dan And JulieThe Open M & M is, well, open to anyone who is not a weekend instructor.  Just sign up at the registration table at any time before the competition, pay $5, and you will receive your very own competitor number and complimentary safety pins! You can also register online via the registration site to make it nice and easy. Preliminaries are Saturday afternoon at 5:15pm, immediately following the Blues Clinic. Please be there by 5:00 pm to check in and receive your number. Finals will be Saturday during the Main Dance, at approximately 10:30pm.

Cuttin’ (n) — A style of competition where contestants show each other up.

Sarah SoloDuring the Solo Cuttin’ Contest, participants trade off solo dancing while continually upping the bar. You can sign up during online registration or at the registration table with $5. Preliminaries and Finals will be during the Sunday evening dance, at approximately 9:30pm.