Jimmy Adler Band – Friday Main Dance (and Late Night!!)

jimmy adler

Jimmy had performed since the late 1980s in and around the Pittsburgh area with many
of the regions top blues bands before deciding to venture out on his own in 2001. He has
great respect for the music and has spent his life studying the masters. However, he
prefers to write, record, and perform original songs that are steeped in the blues traditions of Chicago Blues, West-Coast Jazzy Jump, and other American traditions.

Jimmy Adler is a live-wire entertainer who packs passion and energy into every performance! His music is a blend of Chicago Blues and West Coast Jazzy Jump. His passionate, powerful vocals compliment his spirited playing and elegant phrasing of Jimmy’s clean fat guitar tone.

Miss Freddye’s Blues Band – Saturday Main Dance

Miss Freddye

Miss Freddye’s Blues Band has that traditional Chicago style blues that gets a hold of a crowd and leaves them wanting more! Founded by their sassy and belting vocalist, Miss Freddye, the band was formed in the fall of 2002. Over the years, they have played in western and central Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and eastern Ohio. Miss Freddye’s Band has also recently won a blues competition in West Virginia, and last year, Miss Freddye and Greg “G-man” Casile won the duo blues competition for western PA. Both of these victories advanced them to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. They have opened for Kelly Richie, Eden Brent, Gina Scillia, Janiva Magness and Bettye LaVette. They perform in regional blues festivals and dances, as well as playing benefit concerts for cancer awareness and homeless veterans.

Eugene Morgan and The Nightcrawlers – Saturday Late Night

Eugene Morgan and The Nightcrawlers are a local blues band performing for the first time at Steel City Blues, but they are no strangers to the blues. Eugene has been a part of the blues scene in Pittsburgh since the 1960’s!



Kenneth Shipp – Head DJ

Kenneth has been spinning tunes for well over a decade, creating breakdance mixes from his dad’s vinyl collection to DJing hip hop / break competitions in college. After falling in love with blues in 2014, he’s spent the past few years learning and diving into the wide variety of blues styles and history. Kenneth aims to get you grooving and moving every time you step out onto the dance floor. He loves playing with your faves while also showcasing the soul/blues legends from his hometown of Nashville and his new home of St. Louis.







Mystery DJ #1 (aka Dan Miles from Columbus!)

Mystery DJ #2