Emily McNaughton

Daniel Johnson

Amelia Oleander



Emily McNaughton (she/her)

Emily is a wonderful organizer. She’s put everything together super well and she’s been dancing blues for a long time. And making everyone smile! And making community with musicians. She also runs Hot Metal Blues! And cares! About you!

Emily is a kick-ass organizer, who kicks the other organizers’ asses to make sure they keep organizing. She also corrects all of the spelling and grammar mistakes, which are mostly made by Amelia. We cannot stress enough how much she cares about you, or how much stress caring about you creates. Her day-job might be as a nanny, but that doesn’t make her yours. Except Steel City and Hot Metal Blues, the two darlings she supervises to make sure they don’t run into too much trouble.

Daniel Johnson (he/him)

 Daniel is the dog parent of the best boy. What else do you need to know?


Amelia Oleander (they/them)

Amelia approaches dance the way that they approach everything in life, at full throttle. They put their entire soul onto the dance floor and their joy is electric. Have you seen all the photos? Amelia was a rockstar volunteer (before rockstars were a thing) and was the person called when an organizer couldn’t be there. It was only natural that they were drafted to the committee before they had officially moved to Pittsburgh. They put the good into chaotic good. All they want is for Emily to be proud of them.