See the full weekend schedule.

Workshops take place Saturday and Sunday. (But not too early – we’re night owls, too.) Dance classes are 90 minutes and are divided into three themes: a Foundations theme to cover the basics, a Technique & Styles theme to hone skills and learn new types of Blues dance, and our Make It Sing! theme to take your dancing to the next level. Plus! We’ll have our new 30 minute Anything Goes Mini Workshops to ease you back into learning after lunch!

You are not restricted to any one theme, and can take any class from each and any theme as you please, which gives you the freedom to work on what you need based on your abilities and interests. Every time slot will have a workshop from each of the three themes happening concurrently, so it really is a chose-your-own-adventure! All of our workshops are conveniently located in adjacent rooms in a single building, and Carnegie Mellon is close to many local eateries, so finding lunch is quick and easy.

Registering for the full-weekend pass grants access to all the classes. Our beginner dance lessons before the Friday and Saturday main dances are not considered workshops, and are open to anyone attending the dance.

SCB also hosts a Blues clinic Saturday afternoon, where instructors give individuals feedback on their dancing. If you don’t have a full weekend pass, you can still attend the Blues clinic, for a drop-in price. When you’re not getting feedback, you can practice alone or with a partner, or just treat it as a bonus social dance. It’s a great chance to learn more and practice your skills. Don’t miss it!

To promote the best learning environment, we ask that you arrive on time to workshops. Latecomers will not be admitted into a workshop any later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. Give yourself a few extra minutes to get to classes so that you don’t miss a minute of sweet, juicy knowledge!

Theme Descriptions

Focusing on the core aspects of Blues dance, these classes are for those with a year or less of Blues experience, as well as for more experienced dancers looking to revisit and refine their understanding of essential Blues technique.

Technique and Styles
These classes are intended for intermediate and advanced dancers with experience in Blues, and focus on building vocabulary and refining skills. This track features classes on the physical aspects of technique and partnership, as well as classes about some of the sub-styles of Blues dance that stem from the diversity of Blues music.

Make It Sing!
These classes are intended for intermediate and advanced dancers with experience in Blues. These classes are about putting cherries on top of your dance with musicality, play, dynamic partnership, and competition concepts.

Saturday / Sunday Workshop Schedule

10:30am – 12pm Workshop 1

12:10 – 1:40pm Workshop 2

1:40 – 2:40pm LUNCH BREAK

2:40 – 3:10pm Mini Workshop

3:20 – 4:50pm Workshop 3

4:50 – 5:30 Blues Clinic