Lumbus & Emily

Emily McNaughton

Emily became an organizer because she couldn’t stop helping and once she starts helping she inevitably starts taking over. Because of this, sometimes she forgets to enjoy the weekend and actually dance, so if you see her, ask her to dance–she leads and follows!

If you’re reading this that means that you are doing her very favorite thing, reading the website!


Amelia Oleander

Amelia has been organizing Blues Dances since they were a baby dancer in the scene, almost 10 years ago, since the best way to learn a dance is to make sure folks have a place to dance. Their love for the dance community is much the way they love everything in life, fully and unabashedly obsessed. They put their entire soul onto the dance floor and their joy is electric.

They put the good into chaotic good.

All they want is for Emily to take a nap after the event.

Moose & Daniel

Daniel Johnson

Daniel is the dog parent of the best boy. He manages Amelia and Emily’s collective ADHD brains and organizes their way too many words into actionable items. Please thank Daniel for making all the technological parts of running an event functional.

Moose loves him dearly and thinks you should too.